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Personal Virtual Trainer

Our device has an especific Virtual Trainer indeed. With him you can do more than 250 exercices in 19 different workout sessions. Inside of it you can look the correct position in the exercise session.

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Our Virtual Trainer is a tool that enables you to follow a guided training experience depending on the needs your client has. Thanks to our 19 sessions we can fix our training progress to our client necesities.



10 Tonification session arranged by difficulty levels depending on physical condition of each user. Program aimed at building muscle definition and toning.


Different  fitness/ cardio training,user according aimed at weight loss and reduction in fat mass. It contains dynamic and fun exercises where the user interacts with our virtual trainer.


Attack specific areas such as gluteus programm, legs  and abdomen. We get results toning, firming and fat reduction.


Program for the prevention and treatment of stabilizing muscle fisionomy. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the abdominal and lower back muscles. As a result we get a strong, stable and defined abdomen. SIX PACK


Working Session unstable for different pulse to conventional training platform. Our stabilizing muscles are activated causing further contraction. Session indicated for intermediate and advanced level.


Unstable implement used with different exercises to get benefits on the stabilizing muscles in the abdominal area, back, legs and trunk.


Specific session with boxing movement which combine toning exercises and weight loss.


It Consists exercise hard, weight lifting, dynamic and jumps. Thanks to this program all the physical qualities will get an exponential improvement.

Training aimed at advanced level.